Stephen Ministry

Stephen Ministry

Williamsburg Community Chapel is a Stephen Ministry Congregation.

Stephen Ministry is a one-to-one caring ministry which enables people who are hurting to meet with a Stephen Minister who will listen without judging and will support without lecturing. Stephen Ministry equips a team of lay caregivers with training, resources and support to provide on-going care for people going through crisis. Stephen Ministers provide high-quality, confidential, Christ-centered care and support for people struggling with divorce, severe illness, job loss, loneliness, disability, depression, relocation and other life difficulties. A new program within this ministry is “H.E.R.O.E.S. Care”, in which Stephen Ministers become “Hometown Support Volunteers”, providing needed help and support to military families throughout the deployment cycle.

 Stephen Ministry is not a cure-all; the care-giving and receiving relationship that it fosters, however, can help you persevere in the midst of a struggle. Stephen Ministry relationships are strictly confidential: only the care-giver, care-recipient, and the Stephen Ministry coordinator know of the relationship’s existence.

What Happens When You Ask for Help?
When you ask for help from a Stephen Minister, a Stephen Leader will contact you to discuss what Stephen Ministry can be for you. If your needs can be best served by a Stephen Minister, you will be matched with someone who will support you through your trial. Confidentiality is a top priority for us, so you do not need to be concerned that others will discover what you and your Stephen minister discuss.

Would you like to receive care from a Stephen Minister?
Fill out this online form to be contacted by a care-giver.

More Information on the Stephen Ministry

To become a Stephen Minister, please contact: Bob Hipple, 229-5055 or Pam Rambo, 903-6511
To request a Stephen Minister, Men, please contact: Steve Cranford, 345-6637,
Women, please contact: Kathy Eames, 229-6984,
For more information on H.E.R.O.E.S. Care, please contact: Kim Kiely, 585-1691, (

Stephen Leaders

Pam Rambo
“I was minding my own business in the back row of the first floor risers one Sunday when the pastor put out a call for Stephen Ministry volunteers. I did not think I’d be a good candidate, so I didn’t volunteer. The same announcement was made for the next two Sundays and I finally surrendered to the non-stop urging of that still voice within me. The training that was provided taught me to really hear people, strengthened my faith and scared me to death. It is a privilege to walk alongside hurting people and see Christ at work in their lives. It turns out that He also works on the Stephen Minister in the process. Every year that I volunteer, every care receiver that I get to meet has been a blessing to me…and I am better for it.”

Bob Hipple
“I had always thought that being born again in Christ was a non-lethal lightning strike event. It was not! I am born again, but I can’t tell when it happened. It just did! However, God’s call to become a Stephen Minister gave me my non-lethal lightning strike. When our pastor announced from the pulpit that the Chapel was recruiting Stephen Ministers a shot of electricity went up my spine. I looked up and quietly said, “Lord, don’t turn up the voltage. I hear you!” Ever since I have been able to care for those who are hurting and see Christ’s love provide the cure.”

Kathy Eames
“Being blessed with a caregivers heart and a love of people set me up for the Lords prompting to sign up for Stephen Ministry. The training was wonderful; it improved my listening skills, taught me how to love unconditionally and steadily increased my faith in the Lord. Through each caring relationship, I have grown in so many ways I could fill a book. The people that are part of this awesome ministry have become part of my heart. Last but not least, are my fellow leaders, imagine 5 type A’s that work together for the betterment of any project that’s set before them. Praise be to our Lord!”

Steve Cranford
“I have a strong desire to help and support others who are struggling with the many challenges we face in life. I have personally gone through a number of significant struggles, challenges, and situations; through support and prayer from numerous Christian friends and Stephen Ministers, I have weathered those storms. Having someone listen and walk with me through those hard times was essential. We all need someone to listen to and walk with us when we are down and troubled and that is what we do as Stephen Ministers. The Christian care that I can offer as a trained Stephen Minister provides needed support and also enriches my life as a follower of Jesus Christ.”

Kim Kiely
“Stephen Ministry became part of my life after a dear friend passed away. I wanted to help but I didn’t know what to do or say to help her family through this very difficult time. I wanted to take the pain away but didn’t know where to start. While helping them move her things out of her home I found that what they really needed was someone to listen to the stories they wanted to share about her. They just needed me to listen. A few weeks later, I was given information on Stephen Ministry and I committed myself to training to become a Stephen Minister and Stephen Leader. Stephen Ministry gave me the tools to help others when the road became bumpy and life seemed dark. A listening ear, a kind word, a hand to hold is what was required of me. They didn’t have to do it alone. God is the “Cure” giver and I am the “care” giver.”